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YearPresenter NamePresenter EmailPresentation TitleFile DownloadLink to Resource
21CLHK9Ben Summertonsummo78@gmail.com2017 The FishBowl: A Professional Development Program for Your SchoolLink
21CLHK9Jenelle Kresakjkresak@aisgz.orgA Framework for Implementing the 2016 ISTE Standards for StudentsLink
21CLHK9Steve Katzkatz66@gmail.comA Professional Development Program for Your SchoolLink
21CLHK9Liz Chomiss.echo@gmail.comAdmin, WTF?Link
21CLHK9Lynde STEM Innovations using Formative and Design ExperimentsLink
21CLHK9Ross In School ManagementLink
21CLHK9Natalie!: Ownership of Learning in the English ClassroomLink
21CLHK9Claire Dunnclaire.dunn@gl-education.comAre attitudes holding your students back?Link
21CLHK9Cecil Mackcecilmack@i-s-d.orgAuthentic Digital StorytellingLink
21CLHK9Geoffrey Aurasma - creating AR and VR in the classroomLinkLink
21CLHK9Dennis Gricedennis.grice@concordiashanghai.orgBreak Out of the Routine with BreakoutEDULink
21CLHK9Suji in the LibraryLink
21CLHK9Tony applied to ScienceLinkLink
21CLHK9Craig Kempcraig@mrkempnz.comChange Management and the Culture of InnovationLink
21CLHK9Drew Wheelerwheeler02@gmail.comCoding Across the SubjectsLink
21CLHK9Jane and collaborate to create a great school libraryLink
21CLHK9Daniel Students to 
Real-Life STEM ProblemsLinkLink
21CLHK9Dana Wattsteachwatts@gmail.comCreating an "Old Girls Network" for our StudentsLink
21CLHK9Andrew Change when Change is HardLink
21CLHK9Kendra Perkinskendra5623@gmail.comCreating the library atmosphere that you want to work inLinkLink
21CLHK9Kari Stubbs PhDkstubbs@brainpop.comCreative Thinking in the Digital AgeLink
21CLHK9Jared - Seeing the bigger pictureLink
21CLHK9Alan Hoskinalan.hoskin@seoulforeign.orgDeveloping a VR Experience Using Digital & Physical SpaceLink
21CLHK9Matthew for Treasure on the Student Data MapLink
21CLHK9Rab Patersonrab.paterson@gmail.comDigital Writing for Digital Age StudentsLink
21CLHK9David Flipping your ClassroomLink
21CLHK9Robert Appinorappino@gmail.comDive In! An experiential learning adventureLink
21CLHK9Adrianna - The Learning TechnologyLink
21CLHK9Katherine Chiukatherineschiu@gmail.comEmpowering and Engaging Students through ChoiceLink
21CLHK9Tamera Musiowskytmusiowsky@gmail.comEmpowering Students Through Inclusive Practices and Self-Advocacy
21CLHK9Craig Kempcraig@mrkempnz.comEngaging Students in a Globally Connected ClassroomLink
21CLHK9Lucy Learning through Engaging DiscussionsLink
21CLHK9Benjamin Room a multidisciplinary approach to STEAMLinkLink
21CLHK9James Data from Malaysia's largest School EnquiryLink
21CLHK9Ross LearningLink
21CLHK9Ross Parkerross@rossparker.orgFree Learning: Unlocking Student PotentialLink
21CLHK9Kimberly Mechamkimberly.mecham@stthomasschool.orgFrom Traditional to Trailblazing: The convergence of technology, culture, and master teachingLink
21CLHK9TS Braytbray@daltonschool.krGetting Google CertifiedLink
21CLHK9Matthew Started with DataLink
21CLHK9David Navisdcnavis@aisgz.orgGetting Started with DronesLinkLink
21CLHK9Sean Your Digital Cake and Eat it Too. Ensure Authentic Tech Integration Without Neglecting Essential ICT SkillsLink
21CLHK9Alexander I stopped worrying and learned to love project-based learningLink
21CLHK9Adriane language acquisition for EAL learners through TechnologyLink
21CLHK9Greg Layered Delivery within the Learning by Doing ModelLink
21CLHK9James Scale Enquiry Learning - The Digital DemandsLink
21CLHK9Mandy Hollingshead Andrew Harnettteachingbrewed@gmail.comLend Them your Ear: The Digitally Empowered Student in the Elementary ClassroomLink
21CLHK9Marisa From A Tech Classroom: Creating Authentic Learning ExperiencesLink
21CLHK9Ken Morrisonkmorrison@bfs.or.krLow Tech, Low Stress Media Projects That Empower Student VoiceLink
21CLHK9Kari Stubbs PhDkstubbs@brainpop.comMaking Critical Thinking Real with Digital ToolsLink
21CLHK9Jason It VisibleLink
21CLHK9Ania Makers - Strategic ApproachLink
21CLHK9Beth Powellbethciis@yahoo.comMaking Math: A Hands-On HistoryLink
21CLHK9Therese deChamplain-Goodtherese@erlc.caMaximising Professional Learning
21CLHK9Therese DeChamplain-Goodtherese@erlc.caMaximising Professional LearningLink
21CLHK9Brad Garnerbrad.garner@indwes.eduMaximize Learning Through Evidence-Based Course Design and the Thoughtful Use of TechnologyLinkLink
21CLHK9Therese deChamplain-Goodtherese@erlc.caMaximizing Professional LearningLink
21CLHK9Andrew the Hard StuffLink
21CLHK9Resham Premchandreshampremchand@yahoo.comOpening the DoorLink
21CLHK9Adrianna Mahoneyadri.mahoney@gmail.comPlanning With VisionLinkLink
21CLHK9Kari Stubbs PhDkstubbs@brainpop.comPlayful Assessment: Leveraging Games in New WaysLink
21CLHK9Craig Kempcraig@mrkempnz.comPre-Conference - Becoming a Globally Connected Educator - From Long Wolf to Hunting with the PackLink
21CLHK9Ruth Vallespanishteachervalle@gmail.comProviding a Bigger Purpose with a Genius Hour ProjectLink
21CLHK9Sarah Literacy in the Digitally Powered ClassroomLink
21CLHK9Rolly Maiquezrolly@maiquez.comRobotics, Design, and Computer Science TeacherLink
21CLHK9Jeff Learning: Genius Hour at HKIS Middle SchoolLink
21CLHK9Tanya LeClairtleclair@aisgz.orgSharing Out: App Smashing for Creative PresentationsLink
21CLHK9Christiaan Dodemontdodes.lis@gmail.comSimulations and Engagement and Bears... Oh My! Simulating HistoryLinkLink
21CLHK9Nadine Belonging and Reading MotivationLink
21CLHK9Nicki Goldspink Young - Financial Literacy in the 21st CenturyLink
21CLHK9Ben JacobsBjacobs@infobase.comSteam-y Video: How STEAM Video Resources can Power your Flipped ClassroomLinkLink
21CLHK9Eric Schoonardeschoonard@gmail.comStep into the Lab: Gamification, Differentiation, and Documentation. Oh, My!LinkLink
21CLHK9LeAnn the Classroom with Flexibility and AgilityLink
21CLHK9Paul Led Innovation - Design ThinkingLink
21CLHK9Andrew Sharpeandrewsharpe@asharpeducation.comStudent Use of Spreadsheets for AfLLink
21CLHK9Brian STEAM: Integrating Science and ArtLink
21CLHK9Brian STEAM: Integrating Science and ArtLink
21CLHK9Nigel for Student Agency Towards a School Culture that Empowers Student AgencyLink
21CLHK9Jamie Willettjamierwillett@gmail.comTechnology Infused MindfulnessLink
21CLHK9Coby Integration - Effective and AuthenticLinkLink
21CLHK9Robb and Jamie Willettrqwillett@gmail.comTechnology-Infused MindfulnessLink
21CLHK9Cris Turplecristurple@gmail.comThe Cold Hard Facts About Choice & PlayLink
21CLHK9Steve Katzkatz66@gmail.comThe FishBowl: Professional Development that WorksLink
21CLHK9Ben Summertonsummo78@gmail.comThe FishBowl: Professional Development that WorksLink
21CLHK9Kimberly Mechamkimberly.mecham@stthomasschool.orgTo Fix the STEM Skills Shortage, We Must Close the Gender GapLink
21CLHK9Patrick Phillipsphillipsp@ismanila.orgTwitter: Learning is happeningLink
21CLHK9Greg O'Connorg.oconnor@texthelp.comUp, Up and Away...Literacy Support Solutions in the CloudLink
21CLHK9Tim Braytbray@daltonschool.krUsing Blogger for Student Portfolios (A.K.A. Bling My Blogger)Link
21CLHK9James Coding in your lessonsLink
21CLHK9Claire Dunnclaire.dunn@gl-education.comUsing data effectively to inform teaching and learningLink
21CLHK9Steve How You Can Benefit From and Contribute to On-line Best Practice PedagogyLinkLink
21CLHK9Ariel Taylorarieljtaylor@gmail.comWho's Driving the Car? Student Data TrackingLink
21CLHK9Dana Wattsteachwatts@gmail.comWomen in Leadership: Positioned for Implementing ChangeLink
21CLHK9Kate Nevenglovskakate_nevenglovska@bsj.sch.idLink