A choice of two thought provoking workshops for educational leaders, aspiring leaders, and instructional coaches which are highly relevent for the current moment in education. You can register for these even if you are not attending the main conference.


Leaders and Aspiring Leaders
Instructional Coaches


1 or 2 places $225
3 or 4 places:$175
5 or more: $150

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Models of Educational Leadership & International Schools Leadership

A dive into theories of leadership and the application of leadership in International Schools

Part 1: Models of educational leadership

Leadership is a term that has come to be synonymous with success, power, money, even luxury. When we stop to unpick this perception, we find that this is generally associated with the world of business, perhaps even politics. This perception is very powerful, and extends into education in ways that may appear natural, but are in fact – not. 

This workshop deliberately steps away from these common assumptions about leadership and seeks for valid knowledge claims. It unpacks the phenomenon, looks at the various theoretical models of educational leadership and seeks to better understand the research on leadership in education, and what it is telling us. 

Part 2: International schools leadership

International schools exist in a rarefied place set between privilege, cosmopolitanism, and the bottom line. This workshop explores the nature of international schooling to then consider how leadership in this context functions; what is different about it from national forms of educational leadership and how does it generate change and influence. 

This session starts with a critical overview of international schools, to then look at the positive and negative change factors that make this form of leadership distinct. 


Dates & Times

Part 1: Friday 26 November 2021 @ 17:00 HK Time – 3 hours

Part 2: Friday 3 December 2021 @ 17:00 HK Time – 3 hours

Facilitated By

Dr. Alexander Gardner-McTaggart

Dr. Alexander Gardner-McTaggart

Lecturer in Education, University of Manchester

Alex researches and publishes on international education, its leadership and policy. Before joining Manchester, he was senior lecturer in leadership and acting Dean of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and prior to that a middle manager and teacher in an IB world school. His work seeks to better understand power in education, particularly in the international and autonomous contexts.

HeartSpace and Adaptivity – The Essential Leaders Guide to the New Renaissance

Practices and Rituals to Awaken, Emerge, Evolve, and Flourish at Work and in Life.

Leaders frame. Leaders bring joy and are the source of inspiration in turbulent times. Based on the work in the new book HeartSpace – practices and rituals to Awaken, Emerge, Evolve, and Flourish at work and in life. A collective energy we call “spirit” emerges and propels the group forward, creating a new way of being. HeartSpace grows positive interdependent cultures based on vibrant interpersonal relationships. 

This interactive three-part experience brings to participants the following forces:

  • HeartSpace

    A set of practices used to grow individuals, grow groups and create a culture of equitable interdependence in order to work through challenges and get work done (27 November 2021)

  • Adaptivity

    as a way of being to address challenges not solvable with current knowledge and skills while also requiring shifts in personal and organizational values. Based on the work of Heifetz and Linsky, participants work an adaptive challenge using case study to surface the elements required to navigate the messy challenges schools face (4 December 2021)

  • Communicative Intelligence

    is requisite to effectively lead. Participants practice the virtual communicative intelligence skills to address resistance and build rapport. (11 December 2021)

Feedback on Heartspace

“HeartSpace provides a compelling case for the power of utilizing the authentic connections amongst humanity to build resilient communities in the face of change. [HeartSpace] is a must-have for leaders in all fields. “

– Chris Carr, Associate Superintendent, Aspire Public Schools

Dates & Times

Saturday 27 November 2021 @ 09:00 HK Time
3 hours HeartSpace

Saturday 4 December 2021 @ 09:00 HK Time
3 hours Adaptivity 

Saturday 11 December 2021 @ 09:00 HK Time
3 hours Communicative Intelligence

Facilitated By

Kendall Zoller

Kendall Zoller

Sierra Training, International Trainer & Consultant

Author and co-author of several publications. Leads professional learning seminars and keynotes on facilitation skills, presentation skills and leadership around the world including Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching.

Feedback on Kendell

“Kendall’s sessions were very informative and helpful. Best of all, I felt like a part of a community in his sessions. He created a safe space for all of his participants to learn and grow. I cannot wait for the next time I get to learn with him.”


“The workshop has a strong research base and empowers all participants, regardless of entry-level, with the ‘what, why and how’ of presenting virtually.”



“That was probably the best PD I’ve ever been through!”


“Never did I dream that an on-line course could be so engaging, interactive and personalized as the three-day course I just completed with Kendall. He is a master.”