Extended Workshops/Courses

21st Century Skills Masterclass

Facilitated by Dr. Claire Scoular

Participants will learn how to apply an assessment tool for 21C Skills to a teaching unit of their own.

Library Mini-Conference

Diversity, Social Justice & Social-Emotional Learning in the Library

Unique “hybrid” event that includes optional face to face meetups at “hubs”

Collaborative and community-focused project-based learning

Create Global Citizens Through Real-World Projects

Learn how to create PBL experiences for your students by immersing you in a real-world project of your own. 

Design for Social Emotional Learning

How to use a simple design process to co-create solutions that support the social, emotional growth of learners

Join cohort on 5- step design process that addresses the social, emotional needs of students in a distance learning environment.

The 21CLI mission statement is to “Build Communities of Learners”. Each of these events has been designed as its own community focussing on specific areas of teaching and learning in the 21st Century. Each focuses on innovative practice together with current theory and research. 21CLHK Online will, for the very first time, bring these communities together under the one banner of Reimagining Learning.



I’m coming next year – it just gave me some hope for the future.

I salute the organisers, the presenters including the 21st century learners who led us into their world, all those who worked behind the curtains and the participants who broke barriers and shared best practices from different backgrounds.

This is the best conference I have ever attended. Very valuable information.

This was a great conference and it surpassed my expectations. I came away feeling, refreshed and invigorated ready to face the new challenges that come my way.

6+ World Class Keynotes
Choice of Featured Presenters
Numerous Networking Opportunities
6 Workshops
Certificate of Attendance With CPD Hours
Access to resources from all 120+ workshops and keynote presentations and recordings from most sessions

A New Conference Format

A conference format reimagined! Not being able to meet face to face brings constraints but it also brings many opportunities. We have designed a conference that takes advantage of the benefits of online learning and is designed to fit into educators busy schedules.

Slow Learning - Multiple Sessions Over 12 Days

12 Days 4 hours per Day 4 Sessions per Hour Sessions Recorded

250 Hours

Conference will have over 250 hours of PD. You have the chance to see all by looking up recorded sessions

Excellent Value at $1 Per Hour

Price less than 50% of Face to Face Event and No Travel costs.

Exceptional Value: Professional Development for under US$1 per hour ! 

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1 Ticket

Choose: 21CLHK or  GELS or reThinking Learning

All Session Recordings for Selected Conference 

Certificate of PD Hours



1 Ticket

21CLHK, GELS and reThinking 

All Session Recordings

Certificate of PD Hours



5 Tickets

21CLHK, GELS and reThinking 

All Session Recordings

Certificate of PD Hours

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10 Tickets

21CLHK, GELS and reThinking 

All Session Recordings

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At this online event you will find sessions on the following topics:

  • Online Learning

  • Learning Spaces


  • Education Technology

  • Innovative School Models

  • Maker Education

  • Library

  • Leadership

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Chinese Language Teaching

  • Social & Emotional Wellness

  • Student Voice

  • Diversity & Social Justice

  • reThinking Literacy

  • reThinking Learning