The Chinese strand is a dedicated series of presentations conducted predominantly in Putonghua for Chinese Studies teachers. The strand highlights how Chinese teachers embrace digital learning in the following areas:
中國語文工作坊以普通話進行, 是中文科教師交流的好機會。會議將分享教師如何在以下幾方面使用數位教學:

學生主導學習 Student Agency: students organise and present their progress of learning and get feedback
個人化學習 Personalised Learning: students use their personal devices for self-paced learning
無地域限制學習 Global Learning: students and teachers use social media and global platform for learning
創新學習 Creative Learning: students develop language skills through creative and collaborative activities
發展性評估 Formative Assessment: teachers collect data and give feedback with the help of technology to improve teaching and learning efficiency.

Teacher Literacy: IT Integration into Chinese Teaching / 教師素養:資訊科技融入語文教學

Increasing Student Ownership Of Learning In The Chinese Classroom

Fun To Learn: Using Guided Writing To Increase Engagement

Incorporate STEM Into Second Language Teaching & Learning

如何讓學生「動」起來? ——活動教學在中文閱讀及寫作課堂中的運用

How Can Technology Enhance Students’ Conceptual Understanding Of Chinese Characters?

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Strand Leader

Julie Xiao

Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong

Participants can choose to attend sessions in the Chinese strand exclusively, or or mix and match with over 100 other sessions at 21CLHK