Reimagining Learning

21CLHK Online combines a conference and a content platform (think of it as the Netflix for Education) focussing on contemporary practice and innovation in K-12 Education. Teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, learning experts, and their peers.  21CLHK combines live sessions, innovative opportunities to connect with other educators, and a rich collection of session recordings meaning you never miss a thing. 

Key Features

  • Thought Leaders and Researchers
  • Leading Practitioners Sessions with Next Day Takeaways with Innovative Educators
  • Live Interactions – Not a “Press and Play” conference
  • Anytime Anywhere: Access to High Quality Session Recordings
  • PD Equity – School Passes that Grant All School Employees access including support staff
  • Whole Community Engagement: Sessions for Students and Parents  


What Does It Include?

10+ World Class Keynotes

150 hours + of live sessions

Access to session recordings until end of school year (July 2022)

Access to session recordings of last years conference

Innovative networking events and tools connecting you with other educators

Extended Workshops are separately ticketed. These range from half-day to multi-day events. Participation numbers are limited for these events to ensure a quality learning experience. 


Background to 21CLHK Online

Background to 21CLHK


21CLHK online is a virtual conference building on a combined 20 years of face to face and virtual conferences organized by 21st Century Learning

  • 21st Century Learning Hong Kong – (21CLHK) – A conference for all educators focussing on contemporary practice and innovation in K-12 Education. Teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, learning experts, and their peers. 
  • Global Education Leadership Summit (GELS) – A unique event that brings together schools from around the world, who have already implemented a substantial systemic change to one or more aspects of the traditional educational model, to share their stories with schools that are interested in change.
  • reThinking Learning – The event explores how literacy and numeracy, two core areas of education, are continuously evolving for all K-8 learners and teachers in the 21st century. The conference features topic experts from around the world. It addresses the core areas of education in new ways while exploring new learning frontiers. 

What Is the Schedule?

The integrated conference will take place over a two week period from 22 November – 4 December 2021. There will be content each day across multiple time zones. Of course, the majority of the sessions are recorded and presentation materials will be made available via the conference website should you not be able to make the live session due to time zone constraints or because there are two sessions happening simultaneously that you want to attend. 

Themes and Strands

Multiple forces around the world and across society are impacting education at the moment in multiple ways and there has never been a more opportune time to bring our events together in one virtual space.

  • Covid-19 has meant schools, education systems and qualification authorities have been forced to radically rethink how they operate; everything from assessment, design of learning spaces, online learning, scheduling to pastoral care programs. What lessons can we learn from our response to this crisis that will endure?
  • There is a new and urgent focus on all educational institutions to examine biases and evaluate their diversity in curriculum, recruitment and more.  
  • How do educational institutions respond holistically to providing an environment that enables student and educator wellness? 
  • What is the right way to structure professional learning communities within and between schools that will support the continued growth of individual educators,  schools as well as the system of education itself. 
  • Even with all these new challenges we still have to deliver core educational subjects to students.

At this online event you will find sessions on the following topics

  • Online Learning
  • Learning Spaces
  • Education Technology
  • Innovative School Models
  • Maker Education
  • Library
  • Leadership
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Chinese Language Teaching
  • Social & Emotional Wellness
  • Student Voice
  • Diversity & Social Justice
  • reThinking Literacy
  • reThinking Learning

Session Types

Our events have always sought to balance the perspectives of leading academics and consultants in education with the voice of learning practitioners and of course the stakeholders that really matter – students. The event will feature the following session types:

Keynote Sessions

Keynote Sessions - 30m Talks from Distinguished speakers with 30m of facilitated Q&A


40m Presentations from Leading Educators with Q&A

Live Interactions

60m Live Interactive Sessions

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions with 3-4 experts on common theme

Extended Workshops

Extended Workshops that explore a particular topic in-depth over the course of multiple synchronous sessions

Your Voice Sessions

Your Voice Sessions: Facilitated sessions between participants around a topic of common interest or common job role

How Will We Connect Beyond Sessions?

We are committed to bringing a conference experience to a digital setting. Our conference platform will enable you to connect with fellow participants and build a PLN that lasts beyond the event itself. Aside from connecting digitally around content in the form of presentations you will have the opportunity to message other attendees and connect around topics of common interest.

What Will I Receive?

  • Certificate of Participation with PD Hours for All Extended Workshops
  • Certificate of Participation for Conference Overall
  • Access to All Presentation Recordings & Resources for One Year 
  • Access to Conference Community to Network with Other Participants

How Can I Be Involved?

There are multiple ways to be involved in the event. At the moment we are looking for volunteers for the following

  1. Chinese Teaching Strand Coordinator – Help us recruit speakers, and promote this strand
  2. Diversity and Social Justice Strand – Help us recruit speakers and promote this strand
  3. Virtual Sessions
  4. Presenters / Interactives Facilitators – Receive a registration discount for delivering a presentation
  5. Conference Volunteers – we will need support in hosting sessions and panels throughout the conference. Upon meeting the minimum hours you can receive discounts or free conference place.