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Previous One Hour Workshops

Inspiring Creativity Through Drama

Fraser McPhieYCIS Hong Kong

Developing your 21st Century Learning Space

Kyle WagnerInternational Montessori School Hong Kong

Top Ten Interactive Games and Activities That Help Students Connect

Mark Collardplaymeo

Building Relationships: Brain-focused methods for classroom management

Lexi BentleyNexus International School, Malaysia

Developing Immersive Learning Environments

Andrew RankinGarden International School

From Vision To Reality

Craig PriceSelwyn Ridge Primary School

Design Thinking in the Classroom: Empowering Students Through Inquiry and Creative Practices

David LeeSingapore American School

Linking Learning and the Learning Environment

Maija Eriika RuokanenFielding Nair International

Auditing your Learning Environment

Maija Eriika RuokanenFielding Nair International

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Staci KalmbacherDulwich College International

Makerspace: Leveraging personal inquiry by blending digital tools with hands on learning

Jane RossJIS

Learning is Creation NOT Consumption

Melanie MartinelliThe Learning Gym

The Power of Games in Learning

Melanie MartinelliThe Learning Gym

Making IT Happen

Jason ProhaskaRenaissance College Hong Kong

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