Curating for K12 Learning: App Smashing, Hyperdocs, Dashboards, and Playlists

Audience: All K-12 Educators

Curating dashboards or palettes or playlists for learning is a new essential skill for your faculty and students and it is one you can model.  If you are implementing 1:1 or BYOB, or expanding the potential of HyperDocs, this session will prepare you to curate digital content and workflow tools for use in your own learning community.

We will attack such questions as

  • In what ways might the creation of dashboards and launchpads/PLEs organize learners’ understanding of their personal information landscapes and support productivity, workflow and agency?
  • How might we combine the potential of new content resources and workflow tools to amplify engagement our recharge instructional design.
  • In what ways might the creation of playlists/learning palettes support teaching and learning?
  • How can we manage the creative combination of apps to accomplish goals more powerfully? More artfully?  
  • How can our work with students and mobile devices be more: process- and project-driven, problem-solving, creativity, differentiated?