Presentations for Director of Admissions / Marketing

Online Learning Innovation in Education Leadership Pedagogy & Assessment

21st Century Teaching: How To Do It

21st century pedagogy has to methodically build students' ability and appetite for designing, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating learning for themselves. And when this is achieved, test scores improve too.

Guy Claxton

Pedagogy & Assessment

Structured Word Inquiry

Science in the English classroom? Dissecting words? You bet! Structured Word Inquiry is the scientific investigation of how to spell words, any word.

Rebecca Bush

Student Voice Wellness - School

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach to Health & Wellbeing

During this session, we’ll be discussing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model- a free tool that helps schools identify resources and initiatives that are working, look for gaps and areas for growth, and align so that everyone in the community is speaking the same language and working towards the same common goals.

Amy Lauren Smith

Wellness - School

Can you teach happiness?

In this keynote, teacher and award-winning author, Adrian Bethune, will explore what happiness and wellbeing mean and if these are skills we can actually teach students.

Adrian Bethune

Innovation in Education Diversity & Social Justice Wellness - School

The Power of Affinity Groups for LGBTQ+ Students

This session will provide a bit of background on affinity groups for LGBTQ+ students, tips to be an effective faculty advisor, as well as what researchers have uncovered about what GSA's actually do for schools, and why their power may be stronger than you think.

Emily Meadows

Innovation in Education Leadership

Global Crises and the Role of International Schools in a Changed World; Educational Leadership in Context

At a time where the world is facing global crises, and the future of our students appears increasingly fragile, this keynote presentation asks not what the world can do for the privileged, but what the global elites can do for their world.  

Alexander Gardner-Mctaggart