Presentations for School Support Staff

Online Learning Innovation in Education Leadership Pedagogy & Assessment

21st Century Teaching: How To Do It

21st century pedagogy has to methodically build students' ability and appetite for designing, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating learning for themselves. And when this is achieved, test scores improve too.

Guy Claxton

Wellness - Personal

Mental Wellness for Personal Success

In this session, we will look into how we can reframe the way we look at our own mental health and how we can be more mindful.

Jericho Bulaun

Student Voice Wellness - School

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach to Health & Wellbeing

During this session, we’ll be discussing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model- a free tool that helps schools identify resources and initiatives that are working, look for gaps and areas for growth, and align so that everyone in the community is speaking the same language and working towards the same common goals.

Amy Lauren Smith

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

Diving in to Google Data Studio for Educators

Participants will get hands-on training in this introduction to using Google Data Studio in schools. We will take a look at connecting a data source to Google Data Studio and walk through the process of setting up a dashboard from scratch.

Chris Smith

Innovation in Education Leadership Student Voice

Servant Leadership in Schools

Servant leadership is suitable for schools; it provides an excellent example for our students to emulate.

Henry Wong

Education Technology Innovation in Education

Message Makeover: Engage your audience with easy design upgrades

In today's world, digital communication is an extension of your leadership style, and how you design those messages can greatly affect whether they are received or not.

Tanya LeClair