Presentations for Social Studies Teacher

Wellness - Personal

Personal Wellness for Teachers: Systems and Habits for Efficiency

This session will take a slightly different perspective on self-care and focus on strategies to help teachers balance their workload to take care of themselves.

Aaron Beighle

Innovation in Education Student Voice

Classroom Management & Differentiation Instruction

Teachers will be able to acquire more knowledge about managing a classroom effectively and construct lessons that will meet the needs of different students.

Kettelene Eloissaint

Diversity & Social Justice

Leveraging International Schools’ Diversity for Maximal Growth of Students, Staff & Schools

This presentation will focus on why 'diversity' is important from a staffing and student perspective in international schools, and how to leverage the power of differences to nurture the growth & success of all members of an international school.

Jonathan Sheppard

Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice

Innovative Storytelling: Sharing authentic student voice

High school students at the American School of Guatemala have embarked on a new journey of embracing Innovative Storytelling as a way to explore critical conversations in today's fast-changing world

Marcus Hung

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment

Interdisciplinary Learning in the High School

Wondered what interdisciplinary learning looks like in a big high school like ISB?

Owen Fidler

Online Learning Innovation in Education Leadership Pedagogy & Assessment

21st Century Teaching: How To Do It

21st century pedagogy has to methodically build students' ability and appetite for designing, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating learning for themselves. And when this is achieved, test scores improve too.

Guy Claxton