Presentations for Teacher Librarian

Innovation in Education Leadership Diversity & Social Justice

Learning By Doing: finding grassroots solutions to problems and sharing those stories with the world.

Miranda and Isatou take you on the journey of how this one small step over twenty years ago, inspired a whole movement, and hope that it will encourage others to join her cause or be a changemaker in their own communities.

Miranda Paul

Isatou Ceesay

Innovation in Education Diversity & Social Justice

The Future of Libraries & Libraries & Transformative Learning


Aaron Moniz

Steve Sostak

Kavita Tanna

Learning Spaces Wellness - School

The Library as a Third Space: Seeing the opportunities

Acknowledging libraries as safe havens for the socially awkward, sound sensitive, crowd averse students

Amanda-Jane Fairey

Aundrea Farley

Online Learning Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment

Roll Initiative! Using Table Top RPGs in the library.

Roll Initiative is the most exciting phrase a Dungeon Master (DM) from the famous Table Top Role Playing Game, Dungeons and Dragons, can say.

Carlos Diaz

Reach Out, Touch and Connect: roles of small community libraries in the ever more digitalising society.

This will be an introduction of our outreach projects as a small library in rural Thailand.

Yoshimi Horiuchi

Bringing SDGs into the heart of your school

Stories and successes, failures and lessons learned along the way

Suji Dehart