Want to grow and develop socially, emotionally & globally aware citizens who solve real-world problems, while also covering your academic standards?

Imagine your students designing their own social enterprises to meet a community need; writing and publishing professional books to be featured in a local library; or working with architects and city planners to create more affordable local housing.

These are all high quality project-based experiences that have been completed by real students in schools across Asia. 

In this interactive online workshop, Kyle Wagner – a High Tech High trained PBL expert & experienced Humanities Teacher – will help you create the same kind of experiences for your students by immersing you in a real-world project of your own. Through this real-world project in the Hong Kong community, you will ‘hack’ the secrets of high-quality PBL; from how to plan & design the experience, to how to assess & integrate your academic standards and skills. You will walk away from the workshop ready to begin the design of an experience for students back at your school.

Key Details

Date: 16 and 23 January 
Time: 15:00-18:00 (UTC+8GMT)


About the Presenter

Kyle Wagner

Kyle is an innovations consultant who empowers school leaders to lead change and deepen student learning through innovative programs and teaming structures. Kyle enjoys engaging in conversations around leading project-based learning and other change initiatives to deepen student learning. He possesses 10 years experience with PBL as well as experience developing, and leading micro-schools to create student-centered, passion-driven learning.

Kyle has also written a book – ‘Power of Simple,’ – through which educators can learn simple strategies for deepening student learning and creating a community of innovators.