METALOG® training tools are multifaceted interaction activities and learning projects for indoor and outdoor use. Their simplicity and powerful effect are both engaging and fun. They involve all the learner’s senses, allowing the them to truly experience a variety of learning topics.

This workshop offers a hands-on experience of a wide range of METALOG ® training tools and will enable you to fully grasp their value in the learning situation.

Why is the METALOG® workshop different?

  •   First-hand experience of METALOG® training tools – explore as a group how to apply the tools in your classroom.
  •   Development of a robust methodology to integrate activity-based learning into your curriculum & classroom
  •   Development of a pool of learning metaphors with which to conduct targeted learning projects.
  •   An opportunity to practice running a METALOG® activity and receive feedback

Benefits of the METALOG® Method:

  •   Your classes and workshops will have higher energy and more impact.
  •   Your work as a teacher / educator will become easier because you will have methods at your command that enable the learners to evaluate and appraise what they have learned themselves.
  •   Your work as a teacher / educator will have a longer-lasting effect because the methods you will have at your disposal allow your learners to transfer what they have learned to their daily lives.
  •   Your classes will now involve using the power of debrief to bring out concepts and key learning.

Target group: Educators, teachers, consultants, inquisitive people interested in activity-based and experiential learning and how it can be used with groups.

Workshop topics:

  •   The learning project as a metaphor
  •   Outcome-based staging
  •   Experiencing different METALOG ® activities
  •   Framing interventions / setting of the stage
  •   Evaluation of activities
  •   The 3-Phase Transition Model
  •   Effective activity debrief
  •   And much more…


Key Details

Date: 12 March 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 09:00-16:00

Cost: US$225

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