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Library Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Service Learning Conference

Leadership Diversity & Social Justice

Miranda Paul

Matt Ottley

Steve Sostak

Aaron Moniz

Kavita Tanna

Jackie French

Yoshimi Horiuchi

Supporting our learners’ need for relatedness

Innovation in Education

Fanny Passeport


Wesley Imms

Healthy School Communities

Doug Gleddie

Lauren Sulz

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Approach to Health & Wellbeing

Amy Lauren Smith


Emily Meadows

The Library as ‘A Third Space; seeing the opportunities

Amanda-Jane Fairey

International Education and the Pursuit of Peace: Decolonizing International Education

Innovation in Education Leadership Diversity & Social Justice

Daniel Shaw

Activating Teacher Learning – Creating a CPD Learning model to ‘improve’ teacher performance, not just ‘prove’ it

Costas Constantinou

Making the Invisible Visible: Multimodal Literacies

Jemima Khalli

EduCircles: the tool to listen and share mindfully

Melany Mistrorigo

Decolonizing International Education: Language, Literature, Library

Diversity & Social Justice

Gabriella Reyes

Mentorship as a Change Management Strategy

Innovation in Education Diversity & Social Justice

Michael Iannini

Problem Based Learning in Virtual School

Online Learning

Sowmya Narayanan

Meenakshi Elangovan

Supporting Authentic Learning with ISTE Standards

Education Technology

Reyna Lazarou

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