Presentations for Literacy

Innovation in Education Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

Language Learning and Teaching: Every Child a Storyteller

Developing an understanding of stories and how they are constructed can be challenging for young children.

Jess Gosling

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment

Rigorous Conversations: Engaging in Deep Reading and Developing Authentic Academic Voices

My presentation will focus on strategies we can use as high school teachers to provide students space to both delve deeply into their reading and to develop their authentic academic voices.

Sarah Beaucham

Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Pedagogy & Assessment Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

Whole-School App Smashing for Social Justice

As our students approached our 11th month of the online/hybrid journey, I began looking for ways to unite students around a common project where students of various levels of English ability could participate in meaningful ways.

Ken Morrison

Education Technology Innovation in Education

Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality Technology: Assemblr Edu

Augmented Reality is a technology that can be used to turn lessons into stunning 3D visuals, simulate models from every angle using AR, and bring students closer in a more immersive learning experience — all from your on-the-go devices.

Marsaria Primadonna

Learning Spaces Pedagogy & Assessment

Opening a Writing Centre in secondary school

This presentation will provide an opportunity to find out more about how we moved from an initial idea to improve writing in our school to opening what we have called the TES Writers' Hub.

Kate Nevenglovska

Online Learning Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

3 routes to R&J

There are three ways students in my class can choose to learn about Romeo and Juliet: Lit Crit, Investigator, or Director's Cut.

Deborah Taylor