Presentations for Social Emotional Learning

Wellness - School

Innovation Through Drama

This presentation will focus on how we can Innovate Through Drama; there will be a particular emphasis on the use of dramatic improvisation techniques and games in education. We will explore how these can be effectively applied in the classroom.

Fraser McPhie

Wellness - School

Mentoring: Community support for students

This presentation covers community, teacher and peer-mentoring and presents research findings which may inform good practice.

Mark Harrison

Wellness - School

How Do We Teach Students to Self-Navigate?

Self-navigation is vital for students. This session explores how to teach and support students self-navigation skills. Specific attention to self-regulation, self-motivation, and the ability to self-assess.

Marie Alcock

Education Technology Student Voice

Connected and Creative Math Classrooms in a Time of Crisis

With teachers and learners in crisis, we need new technologies and pedagogies to help us maintain our connection and creativity in math class. We’ll look at some of the ways math software separates us and several ways it can connect us, and help us flourish even now.

Dan Meyer

Wellness - School

Deeper Learning Toolkit

This session explores the notion of deeper learning and how to design rich learning experiences for all learners. It unpacks researched data on the design of deep, rich, impactful learning within the everyday rhythms of the classroom, as well as providing a workflow to create a shared language of learning that empowers teaching teams to flourish.

Michael Ha

Wellness - School

Reimagining Special Education

Philip Bowman