Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM 21st Century Skills reThinking Numeracy

Engaging the Minds, Hearts and Souls of Our Students When Learning Mathematics

What will the “new normal” look like for mathematics learning after this global pandemic? This presentation will discuss the lessons learned during this challenging time and share different practical strategies to engage students both in the virtual environment and for in-person learning.

Jennifer Chang-Wathall

Curriculum & Pedagogy Library Diversity & Social Justice

Reading for Social Justice and Transformative (Anti-racist) Education

In order to “teach for social justice” one must first be able to read for social justice. This session will push participants to reimagine the idea of reading as an act of resistance, hope, and transformation.

Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal

Curriculum & Pedagogy 21st Century Skills

10 Steps to Identify Gaps and Ensure 21st Century Skills Integration into Education

The steps will be outlined and outcomes from several countries will be highlighted.This workshop uses examples of whole countries efforts to integrate 21st century skills but there are lessons that apply from this work that transfer to work within individual schools

Claire Scoular

Curriculum & Pedagogy 21st Century Skills

A Framework for 21st Century Skills Assessment

Attendees will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of these skills, and take away methods for assessing students across grades and subject areas.

Claire Scoular

Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM Education Technology Maker Education

A New Hands-on Coding Robot -Matatalab

Introducing all products of Matatalab which certified with Seal of Alignment from ISTE and sharing Matatalab’s educational value: Screen-free coding and activities to help develop students’ Computational Thinking and the 21st century skills.

Susan Wells

Curriculum & Pedagogy Innovation Student Voice

A School Where Students Run The Show

Philly Free School is one of a small number of schools that really puts the power in the hands of students. At Philly free school students have as much say as the adults in not just what they learn, but how they learn.

Simon Eisenstein

Tobias-Maxwell Steich-Otto

Arika Smith