Recorded Presentations

Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM 21st Century Skills reThinking Numeracy

Engaging the Minds, Hearts and Souls of Our Students When Learning Mathematics

What will the “new normal” look like for mathematics learning after this global pandemic? This presentation will discuss the lessons learned during this challenging time and share different practical strategies to engage students both in the virtual environment and for in-person learning.

Jennifer Chang-Wathall

Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM Education Technology

Preparing Teachers to Teach Computational Thinking

Computational thinking has become an integral part of education for 21st century learners. MIT App Inventor, a blocks-based programming language, is a useful tool to teach learners, both young and old, how to problem solve and think computationally.

Karen Lang

Online Learning Learning Spaces STEAM Education Technology 21st Century Skills Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice

Social Justice, Cloud Computing, and COVID-19: Steps Towards a Brighter Future

This presentation will describe the underlying IT infrastructure that exists in Western Canada, based on an exhaustive study of all 75 large K-12 districts in Canada's three westernmost provinces.

Peter Holowka

Curriculum & Pedagogy 21st Century Skills Student Voice reThinking Literacy

Using Literacy to Develop Self-Directed Learners

Creating a culture of self-directed learners takes careful preparation, explicit instruction, and implicit support throughout all content areas. We will explore the steps necessary to create this culture, the tools needed to continue the practice during the literacy block, and methods for students and teachers to monitor progress towards self-directed learning behaviors.

Evelyn Lucero

Curriculum & Pedagogy Innovation Leadership 21st Century Skills Social & Emotional Wellness

Deeper Learning Toolkit

This session explores the notion of deeper learning and how to design rich learning experiences for all learners. It unpacks researched data on the design of deep, rich, impactful learning within the everyday rhythms of the classroom, as well as providing a workflow to create a shared language of learning that empowers teaching teams to flourish.

Michael Ha

STEAM Maker Education 21st Century Skills

Identifying Teachers’ Perceptions of the Maker Mindset in International Schools: An Exploration

An exploration of a doctoral research study on how teacher perceptions of the Maker Mindset could impact teaching practice. The presentation will examine the research process, methodology and theoretical framework as well as discuss the potential impact from the anticipated findings. No matter where you are in your MakerEd journey, join me in an educational discussion on teachers and makerspace.

Jason Graham