Upcoming Live Session Presentations

Online Learning STEAM

Xcode: Build your first iPhone app

App development is a fast-growing field that allows people to affect change in the world around them.

Dalton Flanagan

Online Learning Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM 21st Century Skills Diversity & Social Justice reThinking Literacy reThinking Numeracy

Metaskills development with Augmented Reality in K12

Technological advancement is empowering the global education system to re-think emerging edtech (AR, VR and AI).

Dr. Darya Yegorina

STEAM Education Technology Maker Education 21st Century Skills

Enhancing Learning Through Augmented Reality

I would love to deliver a hands on practical workshop online or in person, focusing on augmented reality in the classroom, highlighting resources such as Merge AR, Google Expeditions and CoSpaces.

Wilson Scott


Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation requires a different leadership approach.

Marnie Forestieri

Education Technology

Creating with Canva

Creating with Canva takes all the guesswork out of designing effective communications, whether it's digital, print or media.

Heather Breedlove

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment Wellness - School

Shaking Up Special Education: Academics and Social Emotional Learning ARE Stronger Together

All learning is social and emotional learning!

Savanna Flakes