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Stories That Provide Hope and Comfort during Troubled Times

The power of narratives to touch sensibilities, influence lives, and heal wounded souls have been documented in the literature through the use of bibliotherapy (Kolencik & Bernadowski, 2007; Halsted, 2009). Literature, however, does not serve as a bitter pill or a chicken-soup remedy that can heal hurts away.

Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal

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Why Teach Educational Robotics?

Here’s what you will learn: Why Educational Robotics is the most comprehensive and accessible design thinking solution. How the changing demands of the workforce can be met through STEM education. What the common hurdles are with teaching STEM today. How to encourage students to engage in a STEM-integrated learning experience. What VEX Robotics offers and how we support YOU.

Jason McKenna

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Leading from the Middle

It's impossible to be agile enough for the current climate without quality leaders throughout the system. But for years we’ve neglected the development of our aspiring and middle leaders. 2020 showed that up.

Ewan McIntosh

Innovative School Models Leadership

Strategy isn’t agile. People are.

For a decade, Ewan McIntosh’s firm, NoTosh, has tried to help school leaders see that five year plans don’t work. 2020 showed that they’re well and truly defunct.

Ewan McIntosh


Simple steps to increase your library circulation rates

The traditional role of library shelving and furniture has changed.

Trevor McCann

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Augmented Reality and Animation:The Future of Art

The theme is learning how to create animations and augmented reality---leave the session knowing how it's done

Josh Kern