Aileen Strickland McGee

Senior Design Researcher, Workspace Futures, Steelcase

Aileen Strickland McGee is a senior design researcher, passionate about the ways in which the built environment shapes our experiences. As a member of the WorkSpace Futures team at Steelcase, Aileen is a part of a team that dives into deeply understanding the ways that people live, work, and learn. By asking big questions and exploring complex answers, the team helps Steelcase envision possibilities and frame real-world choices for the present and future of living, working, and learning. For the last 10 years, Aileen has been focused on exploring these complex answers within the field of education and educational environments.

Before spending her days envisioning the future of teaching and learning, Aileen earned her Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Interior Design, with a focus on the relationships between identity and school environments. She is an NCIDQ-certified interior designer, design educator, and cross-country bicycle leader. She has always spent her days asking the big questions.