Lucy Shaw

Artist and Teacher, Arts At The Heart

Lucy is a veteran international school teacher and a practicing artist. Originally from Scotland, she has taught the gamut of ages from toddlers through to adults in Japan, Switzerland and Singapore. She has almost 20 years experience in visual arts and education for peace, spanning work for UNESCO on education, conflict and social cohesion and leading on visual arts curriculum development and cross-curricular creativity at the International School of Geneva, Switzerland. In 2019 she trained with Arno Stern in Paris to become a certified practitioner of “Le Jeu De Peindre” (Painting-Play) – a non-judgmental approach to painting for self-expression and well being which takes place in an intentionally designed safe space called a Closlieu. There are around 200 of these spaces in the world, mostly in Europe. In 2020 Lucy set up Singapore’s first Closlieu studio and now also runs a second Closlieu at Dulwich College Singapore, as well as teaching Early Years.