Xcode: Build your first iPhone app

App development is a fast-growing field that allows people to affect change in the world around them.

Metaskills development with Augmented Reality in K12

Technological advancement is empowering the global education system to re-think emerging edtech (AR, VR and AI).

Enhancing Learning Through Augmented Reality

I would love to deliver a hands on practical workshop online or in person, focusing on augmented reality in the classroom, highlighting resources such as Merge AR, Google Expeditions and CoSpaces.

Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation requires a different leadership approach.

Creating with Canva

Creating with Canva takes all the guesswork out of designing effective communications, whether it's digital, print or media.

Shaking Up Special Education: Academics and Social Emotional Learning ARE Stronger Together

All learning is social and emotional learning!

Differentiated Learning to Maximize Students Potential

Tech tools can be integrated into our classrooms in a layered way for differentiation.

Play; What’s The Point!?

We will discuss how to make play experiences meaningful, authentic and applicable.